Project Homeless Connect

Next Project Homeless Connect: Friday, October 4th, 2013 at the Church of the Nazarene, Newport.

227 Guests were Connected with Services and Resources on the 6th Annual Project Homeless Connect event on October 5th, 2012 at the Church of the Nazarene

  • 227 People were Served (153 adults & 74 Kids came to the event)*a new record
  • The eldest attending guest was an 85 year old Veteran!
  • 350 Hot Meals were served- Coordinated by Margie Creech
  • 21 Veterans attended the event for Services
  • 32 people were able to apply to obtain their Birth Certificates
  • 78 People received eye and glucose screenings in the LIONS Mobile Health Screening Unit
  • 53 Haircuts were given!
  • 55 Flu Shots, 25 TDap, 22 Pneumonia shots were given
  • There were 20 Rabies Vaccinations given to pets by the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.
  • 50 Non-profit, county and government agencies were present offering services and resources.
  • There were 158 Registered Volunteers
  • Bike Newport worked on13 bikes replacing worn-out tires and helping with the over all bike maintenance.
  • The two top-cited reasons for attendees experiencing hard times were: Unemployment and lack of affordable housing.
  • Between the 2 dental vans 50 dental appointments were made. One van saw 28 people and the other 22.  For the 50 people, the value of services was $29,908

From the dental side of Project Homeless Connect, I believe it couldn’t have been better.  As I understand from the intake room crew, all who sought dental treatment were able to be seen on the vans. This is an incredible amount of service that was provided to our community! Wow, I am in awe. I cannot take all the credit for the dental van success—Jenny Deen, from Advantage, was very instrumental in recruiting dentists for the vans, and was able to secure 200 dental kits that were passed out at the event. A shout out to Julia for recruiting a great team of people.  We had doctors “fighting” over who was staying all day.  Too many providers is a good problem to have.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our volunteers and sponsors!
WELL DONE! Thank you to everyone who participated @ PHC-Newport!


  • Newport Church Of The Nazarene
  • Www.Newslincolncounty.Com
  • Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital
  • Advantage Dental
  • Coastal Farm & Ranch
  • Replay Action Sports- Newport Crossroads
  • Commission On Children And Families
  • Samaritan House
  • Oregon Coast Productions
  • Pepsi
  • Pick Of The Litter Thrift Store
  • Station 3 Graphics
  • Bike Newport
  • Samaritan Pacific Communities Health District Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle
  • Animal Medical Care
  • Dr. Charles Hurty
  • Dr. Sandra Memenis
  • Feed Corral
  • Grove Veterinary Clinic
  • Lincoln County Animal Shelter
  • Mini Pet Mart
  • “RSVP Of Lincoln County”
  • “SHIBA”
  • Western Title Insurance
  • Ocean View Senior Living 
  • Bateman Funeral Home
  • Hatfield Marine Science Center
  • Chef’s Donations:
  • Liz  Martin At Agate Beach Golf Course   Condiments Dianne At Coco Moca Joe’s- Chili
  • Georgie’s  – Potatoes
  • Charlie  Branford At Local Ocean-  Vegetables
  • Newport Café – Chili
  • Food Share  – Rolls
  • Nestles  – Ice Cream Bar
  • Dutch Bros.- Coffee
  • Frito Lay – Snacks For Take Out Bags
  • Rotary  – Money Donation And Kitchen Shift
  • Stone Soup  –  Kitchen Shifts
  • Mid-Coast Christian School –  Teens Serving
  • United Grocers – Money Donation
  • Atonement Lutheran
  • Central Coast Assembly Of God
  • Christian Church
  • First Baptist Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Four Square Church
  • Church Of The Nazarene
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  • South Beach Church
  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church


Watch the  NEW PHC  Volunteer Training Video

The 2nd Annual Lincoln City Project Homeless Connect was held on on Thursday, May 17th. This was the 2nd annual Lincoln City Project Homeless Connect event to take place at St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church. The Event was coordinated by the community for the community, serving just over 90 families and individuals facing homelessness. The 2012 PHC event was an exciting success for the North Lincoln County community! Big Thanks to all of you who joined us in making friends, helping our neighbors and building a more connected community!

Outcomes & Accomplishments

  • 90 homeless and those on the verge of homelessness received services
  • 108 Volunteers attended to help connect and serve the community
  • 31 Haircuts
  • 25 people received emergency dental care totaling an incredible $8,845 worth of care (23 adults &  2 children)
  • 17 people were able to register to obtain their birth certificate
  • 198 hot meals were served
  • Pet Services vaccinated 7 dogs against rabies & gave 4 dog licenses.
  • 47 social service, county, faith and medical agencies attended
  • 72 Lincoln City & Lincoln County Businesses provided financial & in-kind support
  • A core group of 13 community leaders comprised the PHC steering committee, over the 5 months leading up the event.
  • Steering Committee volunteers served an incredible 2,600 volunteer hours.
     PHC KITCHEN CREW — Winding down after a long day, from left:  Brad
    Taylor, Everett Cutter, Sally Cutter, Ami Goldberg, and Raymee Anderson.

VOLUNTEERISM is the voice of the people put into action. These Actions Shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud. –Helen Dyer

Last January, a Community Call to Action event took place in Lincoln City to inform and mobilize the Lincoln City community to build sustainability around this event and to ensure that we are able to continue this important project for our homeless families and individuals. A resourceful group of 13 community leaders formed the PHC steering committee, and dedicated an incredible 2,600 volunteer hours – over the 5 months leading up PHC-Lincoln City 2012.

A total of 47 agencies attended offering health screenings, immunizations, emergency dental care, pet services, haircuts, housing, identification, chemical health, legal aid, clothing, food stamp assistance, veteran, disability and unemployment registration were among the services offered.

The new partnerships formed through the planning process create lasting change throughout Lincoln City and North Lincoln County. We hope to inspire collective action for change in the way resources are accessed and achieve quantifiable results for those experiencing homelessness in Lincoln County.

Annual Project Homeless Connect events are a critical part of Lincoln County’s efforts to prevent and end homelessness. The innovation of Project Homeless Connect (PHC) in Lincoln County was inspired by the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness. PHC is an increasingly efficient tradition that fuses civic engagement and service in a one-day, one-stop array of resources to provide the hospitality and the support to create a trajectory out of homelessness.  In 2011 the inaugural Lincoln City PHC served 89 homeless attendees.

There are many reasons for the rise in homelessness and the increasing community need in Lincoln City. The complexion of homelessness has changed significantly since the recession of 2008, many people forced into homelessness due to economic decline and job loss. The Lincoln County School District has identified 471 homeless students. This number represents one of the highest rates of student homelessness in the state of Oregon.

 Newport’s 6th Annual Project Homeless Connect is scheduled to take place Friday October 5th 2012 at the Church of the Nazarene.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elise Jordan   5/24/2012

AmeriCorps VISTA, Commission on Children & Families-  For more information  call 541-265-9883


PROJECT HOMELESS ENTERTAINMENT  —   Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall, left, and volunteer Marion Rodenburg enjoy ethnic tunes played by Arden Goldberg on his custom-made fiddle at Lincoln City’s second Project Homeless Connect.  This year’s event last Thursday served 90 people, offering everything from haircuts to flu shots, veteran’s services to housing, children and pet care, to dental and eye care services.  (Photo by Everett Cutter)

HELPING HAND SUCCESS – Project Homeless Connect in Lincoln City helped 90 people find the tailor-made assistance they needed last Thursday.  A busy scene is depicted here as volunteer escorts led guests through the variety of federal, state, local and private services offered.  (Photo by Everett Cutter)

Intake Data Snap Shot:

59% of attendees reported Lack of affordable housing:      This is too high.   Here are some questions that came to mind: 

  1. What’s considered “affordable” out there?
  2. How can this be addressed?
  3. And is lack of affordable housing really the problem or lack of INCOME to AFFORD the housing?

 It would have been interesting to ask the 59% what they saw as a solution, because many were quite high functioning, and may have some really good answers.

Health Insurance:  Thank goodness for OHP, but 40% had no health insurance…Why?  Not eligible?  Didn’t know how to apply?

How you heard about PHC?  41% reported Word of mouth  Maybe next year the planners could figure out an incentive for “spreading the news” to get more people to attend.   The idea being that so much planning and effort goes into this, and so many people / agencies come, it would be great to increase that attendance.

 A good question is, who didn’t come? 

Project Homeless Connect 2011- Newport, Oregon

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